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  • Choose Your Attitude: Choose Healthy Expectations
  • Godly Masculinity and Godly Femininity
  • RocKids TV - Humility
  • Tame Your Kid's Tongue: Verbal Bullying
  • A Working Mother
    Many people don't realize that mothers do work! It's a job that often get no recognition. Yet, it is one of the highest calling. Ann Mainse shares her story.
  • If We'll Only... How an Act of Obedience Can Save a Life
    She felt a nudge from the Lord "Get Up". She could never imagine that her obedience to simply get out of bed a few minutes early, meant saving a strangers life. God wants to use us, If we'll only...
  • Say "Yes" to the Next Generation
    I think often it's easy to be comfortable with what we know. What we believe. What we have been taught. Those things become absolute in our life, and sometimes we don't make room for change.
  • When He Was Just Justin: The First Time I Met Justin Bieber
    Full Circle host Ann Mainse recounts the day that she first met Justin Bieber before he signed a recording contact and urges us to keep him in our prayers.
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