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  • David Royer MDA President & CCO
    With immeasurable creative talent and an extensive imagination David spearheads the Me in a Tree family. Bringing a degree in Fine Arts and Computer Science as well as a Masters in Digital Arts and Animation to the table, David leads with a true passion for family, values, creativity and fun. With more than 15 years experience in design, marketing, web and video along with many years experience working with non-profit organizations, David founded SAGE Creatives Design Firm as well as the IP Company, Royer Creations Inc. Marrying his high school sweetheart Dawn, a teacher by profession, David has over 12 years experience as husband and father. As the parents of two little girls David and Dawn are inherently aware of the challenges today’s families face. A loving and devoted family man, David recognizes the need for balance and commitment in family and community. This talented man is an illustrator, actor and writer, having written several kids stories and participated in many Kids Theatre productions he has always been “involved”, all the while maintaining his most important position as husband and father.
  • Eva Macyszyn BSW, RSW Director of Family Matters and Content
    After her families’ immigration to Canada, Eva began her post secondary education in the faculty of Nursing. Quickly coming to the realization working with families was her true passion Eva rightfully claimed her Bachelor degree in Social Work. Over her twenty year career, this quiet spoken, yet spirited Brit excelled at assessing families and diagnosing areas of strength and weakness. Using this information in a wide variety of situations Eva has been able to help countless families reach their full potential. Eva has dedicated her career to providing in-home support for parents dealing with a range of emotional, mental health and/or behavioural challenges as well as working collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team connecting families with appropriate community resources. Eva was instrumental in developing and implementing a family life skills program in addition to teaching and enhancing effective positive parenting strategies and skills. Eva truly believes, given the right tools, each family has the ability to reach their full potential in being a stronger more connected family unit and has made it her mission to “make changes, one family at a time”. During her twenty year union with husband Mike, Eva has held many volunteer positions with various organizations, including Brownie leader and foster parent, but, as she quickly admits, her most important job, which she shares with Mike, is parenting their two energetic children.
  • Michelle Cochrane AAFM Marketing and Communications Director
    Growing up in an entrepreneurial driven family of six children, Michelle learned first hand the significance of hard work along along with family values and the importance of working together. While earning an Associate of Arts Degree in Merchandising with honours Michelle had the opportunity to teach both adults and children dance and develop, choreograph, implement and perform in fashion shows. Gaining experience in many industries including hospitality, retail, construction and insurance, Michelle has held positions in purchasing, interior design, graphic design, loss control and management. Michelle has owned and marketed several businesses individually and with her husband Bruce of twenty three years. Together Michelle and Bruce are raising and guiding five dynamic children and continue to instill the meaning of family values, respect, accountability and the magnitude and impact of working together. This family of seven has logged many hours volunteering, working with and raising money for many non-profit organizations in the community.
  • Terrance Royer BASc. MBA, ICD.D., LLD Chairman
    Terry Royer has been an Educator and Business Executive for 40 years. Currently Chairman of Me in a Tree Technologies Ltd.; Chairman of Royco Ltd.; Past Vice-Chairman of Royal Host REIT (TSX listed); Past COO of Chartwell Leisure (NASDAQ Listed); Past President of Royal Host Management; Co-founder, Past President and CEO of Relax Hotels and Resorts; sits on or has sat on numerous Public Company, Private Company and Not for Profit Boards. Initially an educator at the post-secondary level Terry continued in various leadership and philanthropic roles as part of a lifelong commitment to improving lives through education receiving numerous regional and national recognitions for his work.

    As a father, grandfather, educator and executive, Terry Royer believes it is fundamental that all children grow into adults who are accountable and responsible with a positive self-image, mutual respect and an opportunity to fulfill their potential.